Pretty Instant is a new type of interactive service.

A service dedicated to adding serious fun and engagement to any party, event, wedding, or social occasion. Our technology takes the "booth" out of photobooth. We capture people "in the moment", share it with the world, fully branded, within seconds. Our photographers and brand ambassadors are trained professionals who can cater to any event, theme, or location, and thrive in all types of environments. | 1-617-299-WINK

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Our professional photographers and brand ambassadors add the human element to capturing & sharing your events socially.

Some of our happy customers

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How It Works

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Step 1: Consultation

We’ll meet on-site, over the phone, or at your favorite coffee shop to talk about your event and your specific goals. Do you want your wedding to be the best your guests have ever attended? Or maybe you want your brand to reach a whole new market? We’ll discuss our capabilities, how you’d like your images branded, and any other ideas we come up with.


Step 2: Set Up

It’s barely a step at all! We will arrive at your event up to an hour before start time to get ready. We’ll set up that custom backdrop, photo printer, or any other extras you’ve ordered. It’s that easy – we’re 100% mobile and can be ready to go in just minutes.


Step 3: Showtime!

Our expert photo team consists of a specially trained Photographer and Ambassador. Our Photographer keeps the energy up, snapping high-quality photos of your guests enjoying the party. No boring or awkward shots here, they’ll want to share them with everyone – and they can, instantly. Within seconds, the photos are transferred from the specialized camera to our proprietary iPad app. Our Executive Agent can show your guests their photos right there, enabling them to share via email & social networks, display it live on a slideshow, or have it printed on-site.


Step 4: Wrap Up

If your goal was to throw the best party of the year (and actually have the photos to prove it), Pretty Instant can hand you a jump drive with all your photos to save and share, or we can create an album and upload directly to your own Facebook page. If you were interested in collecting marketing data, Pretty Instant will take all of the photos and data collected during the event and generate a custom report based on the criteria discussed.

Now Serving

Brand Promotions

Our mobile unit can accompany your team to any promotion or sponsorship event and is a great way to promote your brand, boost your social media strategy, and get true consumer engagement

Corporate Events & Holiday Parties

Connect with clients, reward employees, and have fun laughing at themed pictures


From wine expos to trade shows, our technology adds value to any brand looking to stand out from the crowd

Startup Parties

Impress investors, have fun with employees, and grow your brand

Weddings & Bar/Batmitz'va

Imagine the disposable camera tradition coming to life at a rehearsal dinner, wedding party, or religious celebration

Sporting/Outdoor Events

Picnics are fun! Be it a group adventure or golf tournament, our team can grab the perfect shot that lasts a lifetime

Concerts & Events

From backstage meet'n greets to crowd surfing greatness, share priceless moments with your fans

Political Campaigns

Never has there been a better, more social way to engage your supporters while simultaneously arming them with quality online promotional content to support any campaign

What We Can Do

Entertain guests

We work with you to create a unique and engaging experience for all of your party’s guests. Our trained team can be at your event early to get the energy moving, helping to break the ice and start interactions – we can get those wallflowers involved. We can fast forward through the awkward beginnings (you know that’s part of every event), and get right to the fun part.

Gain market insight

What’s the one question you wish you could ask about your product or service and get an honest answer? Pretty Instant can ask it for you. Our trained Executive Agents can gain valuable market data simply by chatting up your customers. After our Photographer snaps a photo, that’s when the real magic happens – our specialized camera sends the photo to our proprietary iPad app. While your guests are viewing and sharing their photo, our Executive Agent can ask questions about your product specifically, gauge relative interest, or even conduct a full survey. It’s up to you.

Document your awesome party, instantly

Help your guests remember that great time they had. We can customize your party photos in a number of ways right as the photo is taken – creating custom backdrops or frames, and even adding lighting effects. Have something particular in mind? We’ll make it happen. Not sure what you want? We have plenty of ideas that will work with your event. All of the photos can be viewed in real time, and uploaded to email & social media, displayed live on a slideshow, or printed on-site.

Promote your brand

Pretty Instant can help promote your brand in an interactive and amazingly effective way. Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, meaning that you need a competitive edge to make an impact. Pretty Instant approaches the customers in your key demographic and engages them in a casual conversation involving your product or service, or a specific marketing message. And the next morning, they still have your branded photos on their social media profiles or email account, meaning they’ll definitely get the message.

Thanks for looking! We hope to hear from you soon!

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